Thursday, October 20, 2011

So Much Has Happened!

I've been so busy with life that haven't blog about it! I'll start with saying we moved into a new place that is so beautiful. It really feels like home! We have a garage and a little yard, it's going to be so much fun to play with Justin and Spock in our backyard.
Now for more important matters, Justin! He is getting so big and has developed so much. He sits on his own, crawls like a pro, babbles on and on to everyone and everything, he stands with little support and walks from object to object. He is such an amazing little boy! He has also gotten two little teeth on his bottom jaw. He eats many different kinds of food, he just started on some lumpier foods and will be starting meats next month! He has become such a little mama's boy, I won't lie, I kind of like it. It's a good feeling when he chooses me over others. He has made my life so much better than I ever imagined it could be.
Zac and I just had our two year anniversary! I love Zac so much and am so grateful for everything that he does for out family. I honestly don't know what I would do without him. For our anniversary we just did something simple. We went and saw 50/50 then went to the Timber Mine. And I have to thank Jan (Zac's mom) for watching Justin for us while we went out. She is so wonderful, she absolutely loves babysitting for us. We had such a wonderful anniversary!
It was also the one year anniversary of my sister's death. A more unhappy anniversary. She is still missed dearly by so many people and thought of very often. I certainly think of her all the time! I love and miss her with all my heart! I am a very lucky person though, on Tuesday while Jan was babysitting for us Zac and I went and did baptisms for the dead, one person in particular, my sister. It was such a wonderful experience! I could really feel her presence there with us, I know that she walks with our Heavenly Father today and that she is finally fully happy. I also know how proud she is of her family, Ayla is so smart and I know that DeLynda is looking down on her saying "That's my daughter!", and Daylin to is very smart and has gotten so big, I know she's so proud of everything he's learned. I just wish that Justin would get to grow up really knowing who his Aunt DeLynda is and not just have to go off of all the stories we tell him.
I'm starting to feel back on track now, though I get thrown of more often than most would think.
Well, I think that sums it all up for now. I'll try to keep everyone updated more often.