Wednesday, May 4, 2011

The Beginning....

 Our family's adventures started on October 2nd 2009, the day Zac and I were legally wed. I have to say that day was one of the most nerve wreaking days I've ever experienced, after all I was making quite a big commitment.
 Though our wedding was small and simple I wouldn't trade it for any other one, it was ours. Since I was newly baptized LDS we weren't able to be married in the Temple right off, and because so many of my family and friends weren't LDS we decided to use our wedding as a missionary experience for them, which meant standing at the alter while our bishop gave what we thought was going to be a small lesson (it actually turned out to be quite long).
 My Bride's Maids included Sharla Ash who was my Maid of Honor, my sister DeLynda Honneywell (RIP), Tawnee Stofferahn, Zac's sister Ally Hubbard, and Mikala Kilgore. Zac's Groom's Men included Adam Kilgore who was his Best Man, his brother A.J. Hubbard, Nathan Hubbard, and Logan Hubbard, and my brother Nathaniel Miller. Our Flower Girl was my niece Ayla Honneywell (and what a cute Flower Girl she was), our Ring Barer was my nephew Daylin Vargo (he was very grumpy, but very cute), and because my dad passed away in 2005 my mom's boyfriend Tim Mast walked me down the isle. We were married in the Huntsville LDS Church. It was one of the best days of my life.
 This day was the start of our little family and the adventures that were soon to come.

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