Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Progress Report

 Justin is now 3 months old as of Friday, and it's been an amazing 3 months. It's so much fun watching him grow and develop. In Justin's 3 months of living he has grown so much, it's truly amazing to see how much a baby grows in size and development in such a short amount of time. He has learned so much so fast!
 Justin can roll over from his tummy to his back and from his back to his tummy, though he hasn't gotten back to tummy down all the way quite yet, he is also holding his head up all by himself, grabbing things with his hands, smiling, he's starting to laugh, he sticks his tongue out and licks things, he puts things in his mouth, he interacts with people, reacts to noises and will search for the source of a sound, and he does lots of baby "talk".
 We bought him a bumbo seat right before he started holding his head up completely on his own and started putting him in it as soon as we could. And now he can seat for a few seconds before falling over, I'm sure he'll be seating on his own in no time.
 I'm sure that there is more developing that he has done that I just can't think of right now.
 I've also learned a lot, I can tell what cry means what, I know what toys he likes to play with and how to help him play with those toys, I've learned what nursery rhymes he likes best. I can't wait to learn and grow with him! Being a mom is hard work, but it's so much fun, I wouldn't change it for anything!
 Watching Zac with him is fun too, he already has Justin addicted to basketball! Justin will stare at the t.v. while daddy plays his basketball game or watches the Jazz play. Zac will sing to Justin and talk with him and Justin just loves it so much. I love how much Zac loves spending one on one time with Justin, which is nice for me because he'll let me have some time to relax by myself.
 Justin has developed so much in so many ways and I'm excited to watch him continue to grow.

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