Saturday, May 7, 2011

Justin Ryan Hubbard

 I found out I was pregnant the summer of 2010, what a scary moment that was. This little person's life depended on me, that has to be the biggest responsibility anyone could have. Watching my belly grow and seeing pictures of the baby has he developed and feeling him kick was so amazing. I can remember putting Zac's hand on my belly and Justin giving a good kick or punch, it was a little hard to tell what was what at that time.
 One of my favorite things was getting the 3D Ultra Sound. My first 3D Ultra Sound was at my Targeted appointment, Justin made getting the picture very difficult. It took us about 20 minutes just to get him to move his arms out from in front of his face, which is where he kept them the majority of the pregnancy, so we didn't get very many 3D pictures, after we finally got his arms out or the way we got a couple good ones. Seeing his face was so incredible. I looked at his face on the monitor then turning to Zac and giggled a little bit and smiled at him as I said he has your big nose. The doctor conducting the Ultra Sound was so much fun too. She explained everything she was doing and told us what parts were what and told us how everything was doing. Plus she made me feel super good, she kept telling me how tiny I looked for how far along I was. (I think every girl likes to hear how small they look.)
 I'd have to say that Zac's favorite part was finding out the sex of the baby. I was about 15 weeks when we got the Ultra Sound that told us were having a boy. Zac was so excited to hear that, maybe it was because all of our friends were having a girl or had girls or maybe he was just excited to have someone to play and watch basketball with him, but whatever the reason he sure was excited. He asked our doctor to check again the next few visits.
 The last doctor's appointment ended up being the the day before I delivered. This is how it went, we went in and started with all the basic stuff, urine test and blood pressure. After having a false labor a few nights before, I was a little disappointed that I was still pregnant, my belly was VERY big and heavy, so I was ready to have the baby right then and there. My doctor arrived to measure the baby and check how everything was going. She measured the baby weighing 10lbs, this is really just an estimate, but we knew that couldn't be right, so she measured him again and this time got 9lbs. Now earlier in the appointment they checked my blood pressure and it was a little high, so my doctor was a bit concerned about that and then after getting the weight she got when she measured him she wanted to get the him out soon. She told us that if we waited too much longer that I wouldn't be able to deliver. She let us know that she could do it the next day, but she had to make sure that there was an opening at the hospital we would be delivering at, after finding out that there was (at 5am), we got all ready, no we weren't ready yet. When we arrived at the hospital the morning of the induction I was starting to get nervous and tried to back out, but of course I couldn't. It was 5 in the morning when we got there, but they didn't get to start my induction until 8, which didn't make me very happy.
 Finally they started it and my contractions were coming every 2 minutes, until they broke my water, then they started coming every 30 seconds and I absolutely couldn't handle that. I was trying to hold off on the epidural for as long as I could and when the contraction started coming that close together that was as long as I could. So I asked to get the epidural, turns out there was 3 other girls waiting to get it before me. I had to wait, and waiting was hard! After I got the epidural I felt so so much better and it was only an hour or so before I was ready to start pushing. I was so excited to hear that news, but I didn't expect to have to push for over 2 and a half hours.
 The delivery was tough for both Justin and me. It took quite awhile to get his head out and after his head was finally all the way out instead of it getting easier, it only got harder. Apparently his chest was bigger than his head, which is not very normal.
 After the almost 3 hour delivery I finally got to see my baby boy in person. As soon as he was born they put him on me and had Zac cut the cord, as he did that I watched with tears in my eyes. This had to be the most amazing day of my life. Justin Ryan Hubbard was born on February 18th 2011, he weighed 8lbs 10oz and was 21 inches long. After the cord was cut they took Justin to clean him off and I told Zac to go and be with him. After they cleaned Justin they had Zac put his first diaper on him and taught him how swaddle him. I was a little bit upset that Zac got to hold him for so long before I got to, but I know that he was so excited to finally get to see and hold him.
 Zac and I had only our moms in the delivery room with us and everyone else came after we had him. Only people who were 14 and older were aloud in the room, so Ayla wasn't able to come see him when we were in the hospital and that broke her heart, she was so excited to meet Justin. Everyone was telling me that she cried so much when she found out that she wasn't going to be able to see him until we went home. Jan (Zac's mom) stayed the longest, she just couldn't get enough of her new grandson. It was so much fun getting to see everyone's reaction to seeing him for the first time.
 Now I can't even imagine life without Justin, he is my pride and joy! Who knew someone so small could make you so happy.

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